18Eighteen presents another Lovely Beauty: Chrissie
Chrissie could have any guy she wants.
But that doesn't mean she's going to get tied down. "I dated my first boyfriend for like, six months and we just broke up. Now I just want to have fun."

She's keeping her options wide open.
That's right. Wide open like her legs. And what are the options? Boys and girls, cocks and pussies, blow jobs and cunnilingus, threesomes and foursomes...the possibilities are endless. It's like a buffet of sex is set up in front of Chrissie and she wants to have a taste of everything. "A couple of weeks ago I had sex with a girl for the first time. I liked it and I'd do it again, but I think I prefer doing guys more. Although that girl did eat my pussy really good. I came like, twice from that. But after the tongue-fucking I wanted a real fucking with a cock, you know? So that got me thinking that I need to try a threeway. That way she can lick me good and he can fuck me good."
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Chrissie has more to say...
Chrissie has been wanting to experiment for a while.
"When I was going out with that guy, I tried to have a threesome with him but he was so prude he didn't want to do it. I was like, 'Hello! Do you know how many guys would kill for a chance like this?' I realized he sucked and I dumped him so I could do all the freaky things that I wanted to do."

Aside from lezzie sex, what have you done from your sex to-do list?
"Unfortunately not the threesome. But what I have done is have sex with an older man and fuck in public–both with the same guy. I went on a date with him to a restaurant and we were flirting like crazy. So I asked him to come outside with me for a minute, and he ended up doing me doggie-style behind some bush in the parking lot! I think the valet saw us 'cause when we went back I could've sworn he had a boner."

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