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Welcome Ella to 18eighteen. She's got plenty of lurid tales of lust to share with you.
Ella is a horny girl and she has needs like anyone else. While she has no problems meeting guys in real life, she prefers to use the Internet to track down hot, anonymous hookups. This has made for plenty of horny rendezvous, the details of which she's glad to reveal. "Finding guys on the Internet is just easier and more direct. When I meet guys in person it feels like they're playing games and we can't say what we're really thinking. I just want to fuck. You'd think I could say that to any guy on the street but the truth is that a lot of guys are intimidated by girls who are that straightforward. But anyway, I've had a lot of luck on dating sites. There's no strings attached and I can really explore my freaky side."

Her hottest hookup was quite the kinky experience for such a young girl.
And it was Ella's idea, too. "I've always gotten off on the fantasy of fucking a total stranger. So this guy I met online agreed to make it a reality. I told him to meet me in a motel room and to just come in because (continued below)
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Ella has more to say...
Her hottest hookup (continued)
the door would be unlocked. I was going to be blindfolded and he was going to whisper the safety word so I knew it was him, then handcuff me to the bed and have his way with me. It went down just like I wanted it to. And being blindfolded and cuffed like that was so hot. I think that when one of your senses is blocked, the the other ones increase. I couldn't see the guy but I could really feel everything he did to my pussy and smell his sexy, manly scent. And even though I couldn't see it, I could tell his cock was huge when he put it in my mouth."

What else have you done?
"I actually met this really hot girl on some site. She's my threesome buddy now. At first we were getting it on just the two of us and then after a while we started doing threesomes. It's a lot more fun than just sharing a double-headed dildo."

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