18Eighteen presents another Lovely Beauty: Emiliana
Does your ass get you a lot of attention?
"Yes. I get a lot of compliments about it from guys. Even girls like my ass and want to slap and squeeze it. It's my favorite body part, too. I dress to show it off. Little booty shorts where my buttcheeks peek out of the bottom are my favorite, but if I have to wear pants I make sure they're really tight and hug all my curves. I'm small and thin and a lot of the times girls with that kind of body don't have an ass. But I was blessed with the Latina bubble butt. I like my ass spanked and massaged. And I've noticed that when I have sex the guys always want to do me in doggie-style or reverse cowgirl so they can stare at my ass."

Have you tried to have anal sex?
"No. But the guys I hook up with always try to convince me to do it by telling me how great it is."
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Emiliana has more to say...
Would you ever try it?
"I've thought about it, but I'm a little scared to. But I have to admit, one time a guy licked my asshole and it felt really good, so I let him stick a finger in my butt while he ate me out. He was gentle and it felt really nice too, but I don't think I could take something as big as a dick up there. Not yet anyway. Maybe in the future. For now these guys will just have to settle for fucking my pussy!"

Have you done naughty things besides posing for us?
"Not really. But I have been flirting with one of my teachers at school. That's kind of naughty. I so want him to pop my cherry. I'm way too scared to say anything, though. If I had it my way, he would make the move on me. Like maybe one day I'd stay late after school to help him grade papers and I'd end up bent over his desk with my panties around my ankles. Who knows, maybe he'll find this magazine and read this, or someone will 'accidentally' leave it in his mailbox."

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