18Eighteen presents another Lovely Beauty: Tori
Tori needs to wash her clothes because they're all soiled.
Her clothes are all dirty from her sticky pussy juice and lots of cum. Tori's sex drive is through the roof and she gets soaking wet very easily. Sometimes she even has to change her panties two or three times a day because she will soak right through them. And more often than not, globs of man seed will land on her clothes when she's giving one of her amazing blow jobs. "I like to have sex as often as possible. I don't care if I'm going to get my dress dirty by fooling around with some guy. I just want to get off!"

But there is one benefit to doing laundry.
The vibrations from the washer and dryer feel very nice. "I know it's weird, but it actually feels really good when I finger-fuck myself on the washer. It's like I'm sitting on a giant vibrating dildo!" Seeing Tori sitting on top of a washer, legs sprawled with a finger buried deep inside her love tunnel would definitely make the dull trip to the laundromat worth it. But that's not the sort of thing you can do in public. Or is it?"
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Tori has more to say...
Too bad Tori doesn't go to a laundromat to wash her undies and clothes.
"I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist. I get a thrill out of flashing my titties or butt to a guy on the street. Sometimes I will even wear a dress without any panties underneath."

Naturally, we wondered if Tori takes her exhibitionism past the harmless fun of flashing random strangers...
"I've fucked in public before, but the most exciting time was once when I did it in a fitting room in a department store. I was so nervous but so turned on at the same time. My boyfriend at the time snuck in when the attendant walked away and we started going at it. There were lots of people in there, too! At first we tried to keep it quiet so we wouldn't attract any attention, but the dick was so good I couldn't help but moan. Eventually we got kicked out, but they practically had to kick down the door to get us!"

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