18Eighteen presents another Lovely Beauty: Valarie
Valarie likes to keep her body in shape and her stamina up for physically taxing tasks.
Even when she's not running, she's breaking a sweat by working out her pussy. "I like to exercise. When I'm running and sprinting, I'm training for a marathon. When I'm fucking myself with a dildo, I'm training for sex. In both situations, I push myself to the limit–till I'm all sweaty and out of breath. You know how there's a runner's high? I get a masturbating high."

Please explain this masturbating high.
"It's just like, when you get really into it and you feel like you could go on forever. When I get in that zone my fantasies are so hot and my pussy can feel every sensation. And the whole time I'm wishing so bad that someone, anyone, would walk into my room and put it in me. I'll cum like four or five times. It's a workout, stuffing your pussy like that. You get all tense and start breathing hard. But it's so good. That's why it's a high. And when I'm done I'm so relaxed."
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Valarie has more to say...
What do you think about when you masturbate all crazy like that?
"I think about guys I'd like to fuck, guys I have fucked and guys I'd like to fuck again. Basically, I'm thinking about a dick inside of me and how good it feels going in and out my pussy."

Has masturbating improved your sex skills at all?
"Oh, yeah. Before I started masturbating on a daily basis, I'd lose my breath really fast and I'd get tired and sore after not even doing it for that long. But now that I've been jogging and jamming my pussy with a dildo, I can go forever when I do fuck. At first I'd have to stop after like, three orgasms 'cause it was just too much for my pussy. But now I can cum five times and each one is better than the one before. I think all this exercising has actually made me even hornier. I just wanna cum all the time!"

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